5 Ways to Get the Grinch Out of Your Holiday Email Campaigns

During the holidays you need to think of yourself as the mayor of Whoville. The Grinch may have even already infiltrated some of your campaigns and found ways to deflate not only your holiday revenue joy, but the holiday shopping excitement of your subscribers as well. To ensure that your holiday campaigns are Grinch-free, not only now but in the post-holiday season as well, here are five tips to help email marketers become the happy-go-lucky (and prosperous) Mayors of their own Whovilles, and protect all email citizens during this holiday season:

1. Don’t be greedy … give a little this season. The holidays are a time of giving and sharing (not stealing), so why not set up a plan where if your customers spend a specific amount of money with you, you’ll donate $5 (or any amount of your choosing) to a charity of your choice. Many people love to help over the holidays. If you’re giving, it’s yet another reason to encourage consumers to buy from you not just over the holidays, but year-round. Customers get their holiday gifts and also feel good about a donation to a great cause.

2. Keep your “Whos” happy! Send your customers some love this season. If they’re loyal and happy, give them something to show you care about them. Sending a gift basket, personalized gift or gift card to your best customers isn’t only a great way to ensure your customers keep you top of mind, it’s also a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation for their patronage.

It’s always important to make sure you conform to any company policies regarding gift giving and be sure to include a personal touch. While a generic gift basket will be valued, one that contains a product your client enjoys is a bonus. In addition, useful items customers might use every day — e.g., a monogramed key ring or smartphone case — will be remembered more frequently and fondly, meaning they’ll be back as repeat customers.

3. Don’t be someone you’re not (that Santa suit isn’t fooling anyone!). Let your little Whos of Whoville know where their emails are coming from. Keep your subject line short and sweet; it’s important not to mislead your subscribers, especially during what might be a stressful time of the year for them. You should also use a “from” name that they’ll recognize and trust to eliminate any chance of confusion, followed by “deletion.” Clearly stating who is sending the email could determine if your email campaigns will not only be opened, but interacted with as well.

4. You planned your attack, right? It’s likely the Grinch was planning his attack on Whoville for 365 days. What else is there to do when you have a tiny heart and live in a cave? If you’re new to email marketing, proper testing and planning is key. You should be planning your strategy a month or two in advance with great detail. Once you have a plan in place, begin working out the details and start sending. Build yourself an email marketing calendar and map out your attack for the next few months. Leverage all the actionable data your holiday campaigns have provided you.

5. Take time and entertain your subscribers. Enjoy getting to know your customers and have fun with testing new ways to sell to them. Subject lines and changing button colors will make a difference to your email campaign, but if you need some serious movement you really need to drive that sleigh down the mountain side at full speed. You can try A/B split testing by adding in different images, subject lines and calls to action to see what will draw in your subscribers. The ability to try so many creative methods at once is even something that would make that grumpy old Grinch smile.