GDC roundup: Total War, NASCAR, Wizard Ops Tactics and more

Global Gaming Initiative aims to get players into the charity game — Today at GDC, we sat down to chat with The Global Gaming Initiative, a for-profit gaming group who makes games to benefit charities. That may sound confusing, but it actually works pretty simply: The GGI partners with a charity it researches (to ensure it’s legitimate) and then creates a premium game where installs and IAP help support said charity. The example we were shown was Sidekick Cycle, a Tiny Wings-like runner on iOS benefitting World Bicycle Relief. We’re told every 387 installs of the $0.99 app will pay for a high-quality bike to be delivered to a child in need in Africa. An interesting element of the game is that there’s a graphic showing how close the game is to delivering its next bike every time an IAP is made. The GGI tells us it’s planning to release games on iOS and Google Play for now, and Sidekick Cycle will be out sometime in the coming months. If you’re interested in checking out the GGI and its message of “change in your pocket”, head over to the company’s website to learn more.