GE Tells Health Providers’ Tale

Women deliver healthcare 75 percent of the time in India, Southeast Asia and Africa. That “is unrecognized,” according to GE Healthcare’s Chief Communications Officer Sarah Wills. So she and others at GE Healthcare decided it was time to create awareness among U.S. policymakers and those in the affected countries, non-governmental organizations, community health organizations and financing partners.

To do so, GE Healthcare worked with its brand’s Sustainable Healthcare Solutions (SHS) business, which sells CT and MR machines in those three areas, to create a documentary that spent a day following women delivering healthcare there. Emmy-winning filmmaker Lisa Russell’s resulting documentary debuted at the end of May as the World Health Assembly happened in Geneva.

“We’re hoping that the film reaches and resonates with … a wide range of people around the world who have an interest in this,” Wills said on June 29.

Challenge: Growing awareness of ‘Heroines of Health’

Solution: Social video content marketing

Results: 2.2 million video views

With the debut of the documentary, Wills said GE Healthcare created a content marketing campaign that concentrated on distributing the 2-minute film trailer on Instagram and Facebook. During its first week, organic and in-platform ads generated 2.2 million views and 235,000 engagements, she said.

Next, to create engagement before releasing the full documentary on Facebook, SHS released “a minute a day” videos on @HeroinesofHealthFilm on Instagram, reaching viewers in markets including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Canada and the U.S.

During the six days preceding her June 29 interview with Target Marketing, Wills said the videos saw 150,000 views and 60,000 likes and comments.

Those numbers represent success to GE Healthcare more than brand awareness or product sales figures would, Wills said.

Wills credits the head of SHS, Terri Bresenham, with getting the content marketing campaign going by first creating awareness inside GE Healthcare about the role of women in healthcare in the countries SHS serves.

“She had these incredible stories,” Wills said of Bresenham. “And as we were listening to them, we really started, as a team, to say, ‘These are stories that people should hear about and stories that should be told.’”

And thus, these heroic women — Wills, Bresenham and Russell — helped tell the story of three “Heroines of Health.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.