Gen X: Ready to Spend, but Snubbed by Marketers?

When it comes to marketing, Gen X is like the ignored middle child sandwiched between two larger and louder generations. However, it is also true that Gen X is more challenging to reach: Gen X individuals are not as cohesive in their identity, nor as unified in the way they like to receive messages as the other generations.

Gen X: The Money to Spend Generation infographicIn our survey, “Gen X: The Money-to-Spend Generation,” 96 percent of survey respondents reported having money left over after paying for necessities — an average of $1,341 in disposable income each month. In fact, Gen X, whose 65 million members will turn 36 to 51 years of age in 2016, have disproportionately more spending power than any other generation. Yet most marketing is not targeting them. How do marketers get past this?

: The online survey was commissioned by Makovsky and fielded by Rutherford, NJ-based Russell Research, founded 1946, which designs and executes public opinion and thought leadership research. The sample included 505 members of Generation X (born 1965-1980) with annual household income of $50,000 and above (60% between $50K -$100K; 40% above $100K); 83% employed/self-employed.

Denise Vitola is the Managing Director of Makovsky, a New York-based independent integrated communications firm. Makovsky has agency partners with nearly 2,000 professionals in 100 cities through IPREX, the second largest worldwide public relations agency partnership, of which the firm is the founder. 

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