There’s an App for That (Unfortunately): Google to Penalize App Interstitials

The age of the app is upon us. “There’s an app for that” is the slogan of a generation, but as the mobile web becomes more useful, it seems that the Golden Age of apps might actually be behind us. In a recent post on Google’s Webmaster Blog, the search giant revealed an interesting tidbit about app download interstitials and how they will affect search ranking.

Even though you might have thought your website was safe after Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update earlier this year, there might be a new factor to consider. If your mobile site is heavily pushing visitors to download an app instead of just serving them content, you’re likely to be docked in Google’s search rankings come Nov. 1.

But fret not! It’s OK to have an app, just respect the fact that when someone visits your website via their phone, they probably don’t want to be greeted with a giant interstitial for your app. Furthermore, it’s OK to have a link to your app as well! Just make it an unobtrusive banner at the top or bottom of the web page, rather than a honking interstitial. Happy “app-ing”!

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

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