Google Rushes Out Holiday Updates

Google Shopping CartIt looks like marketers aren’t the only ones rushing around during the holidays. On Thursday, Google announced it “redesigned Google Shopping on mobile for the holiday season,” according to @adwords, and released a 160-page document about how its algorithm works. That may come in handy, as a Google analyst recently confirmed that by the end of the year, search engine results will reflect a penalty for spammy links. Also, Nov. 17 marked a new Google+, with the social network now designed around user interests.

“Creating great products that solve real needs and make life easier for people is something Google is always striving for,” writes Eddie Kessler, director of streams, on Nov. 17 in the Official Google Blog post about the Google+ changes.

While Kessler was talking about catering to Zombie Cats enthusiasts, that statement may also apply to app indexing replacing Google PageRank when it comes to this aspect of mobile SEO and more.

SEO practitioners were also discussing traffic changes on Friday that seems to relate to sites’ content quality.

That’s a lot for marketers to take in, so the tips here will only relate to information from Karen Corby, senior product manager for Google Shopping, who posted “Google Helps You Shop Between Holiday Cooking and Tree Trimming” on Thursday on the Inside AdWords blog.

  • Once shoppers decide which products they want to buy, Google will show them which stores are nearby with those products in-stock — complete with maps.
Google Shopping redesign for the holidays

How well are marketers doing at taking in all of Google’s updates?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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