Half of Marketers Get Webinars Right

WebinarIn order to invest in webinars, marketers need to have basic skills. About half of marketers allocate budget for the marketing tactic, which is an indication that they have the necessary skills to make them effective lead generation machines, posits Target Marketing’s research, “Marketing Mix Trends 2010-2016.”

Much the same as webcasts, discussed earlier in the research, webinars require time and money before the tactic investment, says Target Marketing’s analysis of six years of “Media Usage Survey” data. Marketers need to have detailed scripts ready, as well as effective lead-generation techniques. Marketers who want to know more about the research into this tactic can read on below the subhead.

This “Webinars” section is part of a benchmarking of marketing media channels, technology and tactics included in the Target Marketing/NAPCO Research study. Both Target Marketing and NAPCO Research are NAPCO Media brands.

Webinar Marketing

Below, marketers will find the excerpt from “Marketing Mix Trends 2010-2016.”

Not all online content is equal … nor equally effective. Webinar use has stayed right around the 50 percent level for the last five years. During the same time period, the number of readers increasing their spending on webinars has slipped from slightly over to slightly under one-third.

Our survey doesn’t ask overly granular questions about webinar design, but we suspect those organizations continuing to invest resources into this tactic have taken at least one of two essential steps.

First, they follow the dictates of good webinar design, such as length, best practices in slide designs and other visual elements, and professional-level scripting. Second, they likely have incorporated immediate response mechanisms for easy lead capture right into the webinar itself, as opposed to making viewers work (and anything that requires more than one mouse click is work) to raise their hands either during or after the presentation.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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