Honda Has Fun Driving Holiday Sales With Direct Mail

Selling cars during the holidays isn’t very different from any other time of the year, but as this direct mail piece shows, it can be more light-hearted.

Mailer Name: Honda
Date Mailed: November 2015

Honda_01For the last few years, Honda’s year-end sales event, “Happy Honda Days,” has banked on nostalgia to get prospects into dealerships. For example, TV ads have featured singer Michael Bolton, as well as action figures like Skeletor and Stretch Armstrong.

This self-mailer measures 5-1/2”x8-1/2” when folded, but opens up to an impressive 31-1/2”x8-1/2” when fully opened. Beginning with the front side (above), most panels show one of the automaker’s 2016 vehicles in some whimsical miniature holiday setting.

Honda_02There’s a gingerbread house, giant Christmas tree ball ornaments, and Christmas village houses and figurines. In other words, many of the decorations millions of people display during the holidays.

Beside each model, its suggested retail price, mileage, and standard features are listed. Small photo insets focus on special options.Because this mail piece was sent by a local dealer, one panel offers a test drive at that location, which is shown on the address side.

The Takeaway
You can break through the clutter that keeps customers occupied by using an approach that really leverages the season while still driving action.