Horizon’s Direct Mail Eases Patient Fears About Healthcare Costs

As shown in this direct mail piece, costs often outweigh other concerns or issues prospects may have.

Mailer Name: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Date Mailed: June 2016

horizonbc_01This non-profit health services corporation knows that some customers worry about paying for costs not covered by original Medicare. So, it gets them to begin thinking about switching from their current plan. First, the front of the outer envelope shows a downward-pointing arrow adorned with a dollar sign. “How would you like to spend less for your health plan? it asks.

Next, the two-page letter inside focuses further on reduced costs. It starts off by noting the flexible features of using a Medicare supplement plan, like no enrollment deadline.

But then it raises the prospect of paying less for those conveniences than currently. It describes the plan offered as “a good fit” for patients who want a lower monthly fee but can still afford some copays. It reassures them using a bullet-pointed list of those typical covered costs.

horizonbc_02An word search insert in the mail package keeps the recipient involved in learning more about the plan. It invites them to “discover all the reasons” why BCBSNJ has several million customers. Ten words are hidden in the puzzle, like “Savings” and “Reliability.”

The sheet’s other side provides several call to action options for the customer to learn more and get additional information.

You can get a great look at how this mail package uses a minimum amount of copy to drive action, as well as keep customers engaged. To download a free PDF of this mail package, courtesy of Who’s Mailing What!, please click here.

The Takeaway
Using a well-thought out involvement device in your direct mail gets them to physically spend time with your message.

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