How SMBs Benefit From Mobile Marketing and Sales Tools

Business is moving faster than ever, thanks in part to social media and mobile devices. For small business owners, taking too long to respond to a prospect could mean losing out on revenue that’s vital to the continuation of the business. To avoid potential revenue losses, small business owners can leverage mobile marketing and sales tools to help them track and respond to incoming leads while they’re on the go. Below are three benefits every SMB owner should know about mobile marketing and sales tools:

1. Manage and gain insights on marketing efforts at any time. Between Google AdWords, Facebook pay per clicks and hundreds of other marketing tactics, it’s challenging for a SMB to track campaign effectiveness. To maximize marketing spending, SMBs need to know how many leads, how many clicks and how many calls each campaign generated, as well as how to evaluate these results in comparison to other marketing activities to make smart program adjustments.

However, the typical SMB owner doesn’t have hours to spend in front of the computer monitoring his marketing campaigns. By leveraging mobile marketing analytic tools, SMB owners can gain insights into their marketing activities, visualizing which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. With mobile tools tracking these insights, a SMB owner can adjust marketing campaign investments quickly and effectively.

2. Offer real-time engagement with prospects. Traditionally, SMBs have relied on actively checking voicemails, forms and emails for leads, resulting in more labor-intensive customer experience management. Now, smartphones enable in-the-moment responses to potential new business, offering quick prospect response, even while the owner is out of the office.

For example, let’s say customer Sarah Johnson contacts Joe Jones, the owner of a local landscaping company, through his website about mowing her lawn. Unfortunately, Joe misses the inquiry because he’s out of the office on another job. Because Sarah needs but didn’t receive an immediate response, she moves on to the next landscaping company in the phone book, and Joe loses a potential customer and revenue. However, if Joe uses mobile tools to manage his leads, he’s better equipped to engage with prospects in real time, allowing him to grow his business at any time, from any location.

3. Make smart marketing decisions through mobile tools ease of use. The average small business owner is time-starved and cost-conscious, and marketing director is one of many different hats he wears. However, because marketing is one of the biggest investments a SMB owner makes, he needs analytics to substantiate this investment and make marketing campaign adjustments. Due to the large investment in marketing, a SMB needs a quick and efficient way to determine how customers are connecting with its product or service. Using mobile devices allows SMBs to have instant visualization into insights from marketing data. The mobile tools provide quick access to campaign data, giving the SMB the confidence to make smart marketing decisions based on past results.

For a SMB owner, the ability to track marketing and sales activities while also responding to prospects in real time can provide an edge over the competition. Mobile marketing and sales tools can be the difference between closing a sale and losing potential revenue.

Steve Pogorzelski is the CEO of ClickFuel, a provider of Saas-based marketing analytics and performance management solutions.