Track Social Traffic in Google Analytics

As many breakouts as there are for traffic sources on the Google Analytics dashboard, the one that’s not ready-made is “Social Media.” But marketers can fix that problem themselves in a few simple steps.

Rand Fishkin, founder and CEO of Seattle-based SEO software provider SEOmoz, presents a quick guide in his July 13 blog post on titled “How to analyze social traffic in Google Analytics.”

1. “From any of the ‘Traffic Sources’ sections, just click the ‘Advanced Segments’ in the upper-right hand corner and then the link to ‘Create a new advanced segment.'”

2. When asked for a source in the “condition” menu, pick a “value” that contains chosen keywords, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Wikipedia. (Wikipedia even provides a list of popular SM sites.)

3. Between keywords, remember to add “or,” rather than “and,” so the function remains inclusive.

4. Name the new segment (possibly “Social Media”) and click “Save Segment.”

5. See how well the new segment is working by viewing the “Advanced Segments” menu, then selecting “Social Media.”

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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