Etsy Misses an Opportunity With its Email ‘Personalization’

I get emails from online craft-goods marketplace Etsy pretty much daily. And without exception, they end up heading right for the trash. I’m almost always excited for them — and then regularly let down. “Do they even know me?” I weep into my hands, as email after email fails to provide me with anything of value or relevance.

Check out this email from Etsy in the media player to the right. “Picked for you” it reads. Really? I’m glad Etsy picked out plenty of jewelry for me, as well as women’s fashion, further down in the message. The best part? The most recent items I’ve purchased from Etsy are hair pomade and beard butter! It’s got all the data it needs to target me, yet still isn’t able to create a message that connects with me.

While Etsy’s simplistic, curated template for its emails definitely stays true to its brand — not to mention that it’s an ideal format for selling products — the messages themselves aren’t taking a critical step: knowing the customer. While it might seem so simple that it’s a no-brainer, even a big-league e-tailer like Etsy can clearly lose sight of what’s most important — customer needs and wants.

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

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