Lego Slippers and Solutions to Brand-Created Problems

Lego slippers

Ouch! Parents often complain about stepping on children’s toys as an unpleasant experience, with nothing quite like the sensation of stepping on a Lego block. So the creator of the pain-producing, sharp-cornered blocks allowed a French ad agency to create ouch-preventing, uber-padded Lego slippers. That closed-circle approach may prompt marketers to think of how their products and services could use their own solutions.

Some may be better than others.

“To Alcohol,” Homer Simpson exclaims. “The cause of (and solution to) all of life’s little problems!”

Chances are, this won’t become the new Budweiser slogan.

Marketers who don’t want their products and services to be seen as creating their own dilemmas may balk at this idea. However, even the best inventions — sliced bread — could create opportunities, such as toasters.

Some consumers were saying these slippers, shown here being made, should be included in every box of Legos.

Here’s what consumers were saying about the Lego slippers, which American fans may be sad to learn were only a promotional item, CNET reported on Monday. “Only 1,500 pairs of slippers were produced, according to French blog Piwee, and they’ll be given away at random to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website,” according to CNET.

Let the rejoicing begin:

What are some other examples of brand-created problems that need solutions? How can marketers close the loop?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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