LendingTree’s Darren Beck on the Appeal of Web-Based Tools for Leads

Not that LendingTree employees were walking around with pocket protectors, yakking about the Charlotte, N.C.-based online loan offer aggregator’s revolutionary mortgage calculators. But it was time to rebrand and add some Web tools that would appeal to more than sure-bet, established Jane and Joe Homeowner.

So the company that’s spent a decade advising consumers on mortgages went in search of a useful, easy-to-use personal financial planning and advice tool for its site. In January, LendingTree acquired certain assets of New York-based online financial advisory service Thrive (justthrive.com). Much like the lowercase-lettered, hipper feel of the financial advisory service geared toward 20- and 30-somethings, LendingTree began using more colorful images and less text on its site when it rebranded in July. Now, Thrive’s financial planning tool is incorporated on the LendingTree site as its “MoneyRight” feature.

The company reports that since the relaunch and integration of MoneyRight into LendingTree.com, site engagement has increased 13 percent and customer account logins have increased 17 percent.

Darren Beck, LendingTree’s chief marketing officer, explains how direct marketing will play into the mix.

… That tool is something that is ever-present on the LendingTree Web site. It’s located within the consumer’s My LendingTree account. … We’ve done some e-mail campaigns. We’ve done other targeted cross-sell campaigns on our Web site … We’ve tried a variety of different integrations. Everything from just a banner ad on the Web site that people can click on to much more integrated executions, even within their My LendingTree account. There’s actually a tab in their “My LendingTree” account that they can click on that takes them right into a MoneyRight account where they can add in their various financial information and start tracking it.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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