Let it Go: When it’s Time to Say Goodbye

Today I got a refreshing yet strange email in my inbox. “We’re signing off. Here’s why … ” read the subject line. Being from HubSpot, a marketing and sales software provider, I wouldn’t have normally opened the email, but the subject line got me wondering just where it was going.

Opening the email, I read the following:

“We love that you’re subscribed to HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, but we noticed you haven’t clicked on an email from us in a long time. We totally get it: Our eyes (and subscription habits) are often bigger than our capacity to read everything.

We don’t want to add clutter to your inbox, so we’re going to stop sending you emails from HubSpot’s Marketing Blog.”

The ole “It’s not me, it’s you,” huh? Well, it’s true. I haven’t been reading HubSpot’s emails. It might sound harsh, but the company is doing me a favor — and one for itself, too. Keeping email lists clean of inactive subscribers is important, and while many email marketers focus on removing dead addresses, taking inactive email addresses off a list is critical as well.

You can dramatically improve the quality of your email marketing list by performing simple, routine checks like this to identify addresses that haven’t been opening your emails. Know your audience and serve it, that’s what marketing is all about. Focus on quality of email marketing over quantity, and do both yourself and your subscribers a favor.

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

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