LinkedIn Leads More Likely to Convert on B-to-B Sites, Study Finds

LinkedIn is becoming a bigger and better source for website traffic and conversions on B-to-B websites, according to a new study conducted by LeadFormix titled “How Effective is Social Media for B2B Lead Generation?” The findings were compiled from LinkedIn visitor data taken from 289 of LeadFormix’s clients’ websites over a period of 90 days.

Twenty-four percent of visitors to B-to-B sites were referred by LinkedIn — i.e., enterprise visitors or leads. Nearly 36 percent of enterprise visitors arrived at sites based on LinkedIn individual profiles. Close to 16 percent of those references came from LinkedIn groups and 3.6 percent came from LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn groups (the groups themselves, not the individuals in the groups) accounted for 57 percent of form-fills — i.e., conversions on a B-to-B site. Ads drove 21 percent of the form-fills, individual profiles accounted for 11.5 percent and company profiles were responsible for 9.2 percent.

Forty-five percent of visitors from LinkedIn are first-time visitors to a particular B-to-B site. The majority (70 percent) of those visitors arrive at a site via LinkedIn’s “Answer” page or from its groups (63.2 percent). Leads generated from LinkedIn generally visit a B-to-B website’s “Career” and “Contact Us” pages, followed by the homepage and “About Us” page. Leads from LinkedIn spend an average of 2.2 minutes on B-to-B websites.

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