London School Offers Free MBA Study Program Through Facebook

A new application brings business school education and places it directly within a Facebook application. It's an effective marketing program for the school.

Thanks to a new offer by the London School of Business and Finance, a private MBA-granting school, Facebook-using business students might never have to log off again. The LSBF has just introduced the Global MBA, a free-to-all program that allows anyone with a Facebook account to study business. You still have to pay to take the final exams and get the degree, but you can study, test the waters, and get a feel for the program before paying.

The coursework is divided into four sections – Strategic Planning, Organisational Behaviour (pardon the spelling; remember, it’s LONDON School of Business and Finance), Corporate Finance, and Marketing Management. Each section contains ten subsections, with headings like “Principles of Marketing,” “Managing Price,” “Introduction to Capital Structure,” and “Corporate Level Strategy.” Every subsection, in turn, contains six more sections: a short video intro to the concept at hand; a ten to fifteen minute long video lecture; a video case study showing the real world application of the concept; a short multiple choice quiz about the case study; a note taking section; and a “My MBA” section that promises to help the user “take advantage of in depth reading lists and videos.”