Customer Loyalty Is Just the Ticket for Omaha Steaks’ Mail

Lots of companies use direct mail to reward their loyal customers, but few do it as well as Omaha Steaks.

Mailer Name: Omaha Steaks
Date Mailed: October 2010-December 2015

OmahaSGC_01For close to a hundred years, Omaha Steaks has been a powerhouse of direct marketing. Who’s Mailing What! has tracked 36 of their very successful Grand Control efforts (in the mail for over three years) from the company, including this one.

Like much of its direct mail and mail, this package is tied in to a specific holiday or seasonal celebration. “Omaha Steaks has your ticket to Happy Holidays!” reads the ticket shown on the front of the #10 outer. Inside, the letter notes that the customer is getting “special privileges” reserved for “a special few” because of their loyalty.

OmahaSGC_02The bulk of the mailing consists of faux “tickets” that promote various Omaha products and assortments, such as burgers, seafood, desserts, and of course, its signature sirloins. Each ticket shows the food, describes it in more details (quantity, specific items), and a sale price.

In case the rest of the mailing is discarded, each ticket includes a phone number and website.

Two other points worth noting:

  • the order form easily spells out how to order, as well as provides information on unique incentives.
  • the letter makes as iron-clad a guarantee as you’re likely to see.

To download a free PDF of the entire direct mail package, courtesy of Who’s Mailing What!, please click here.

The Takeaway
There are many ways to reward your loyal customers, but the best way to start is with a lot of flattery and exclusivity.