Lush’s Mail Showcases Social Responsibility

A direct mail catalog makes it clear that this brand’s ethics are more than skin-deep.

Mailer Name: Lush
Date Mailed: December 2015

Lush Catalog 1The cosmetics retailer sent out its holiday mail catalog to drive traffic to its website as well as its brick-and-mortar stores. “There’s magic inside” it promises on the front cover.

The copy in the first few pages elaborates on the theme. First, it describes how the shopper feels when finding the perfect gift: “Your heart flutters.”  Then, it imagines the recipient’s reaction: “a knowing grin dances at the corner of their mouth.” “You share an incredible moment,” it finishes.

This emotional appeal sets the stage for the rest of the brochure, which covers “an enchanting selection of gifts.” Four pages in, it describes the company’s commitment to its values. Among them:

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Minimal packaging
  • Handmade look & feel
  • Ethical sourcing
  • 100% vegetarian and opposition to animal testing

Lush MailThe bulk of the catalog shows the company’s cleansers, soaps, gels, and creams in their purest form. Only holiday gift sets are shown in their colorful and whimsical packaging.

Each product profile includes a description of its benefits, a list of its ingredients, and a price. In another nod to transparency, icons indicate the type of packaging used, as well as any vegan products. And, additional copy provides directions to the customer for each item, making the buying decision easier.

A single call to action appears in each spread, showing the website and phone number. The last spread, though, encourages the customer to visit a store or keep in touch via the social sites listed. It also lists what the company believes in as part of “a lush life.” “We believe,” it declares, “our products are good value … and that the customer is always right.”

The Takeaway
Build your brand’s value and customer loyalty by using elements that reflect your positioning as well as your values.

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