Market Like a Rock Star

Breaking BIGEntering to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” blaring over the speakers, as cameras on oscillating cranes scanned onlookers packed from the hall to the balcony, keynoter Robert Herjavec strode in to impart his marketing wisdom Monday morning to attendees of Teradata 2015 Partners Conference and Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center.

“Everybody wants to be a shark,” he said knowingly to the businesspeople in the audience.

Without brand differentiation, consumers see all brands as a school of minnows. Now a shark in the corporate world because he lets his customers know that the cybersecurity they get from the Herjavec Group is their cost of staying in business, he revealed that he’d actually wanted to be a rock star. But the “leading shark” on ABC’s “Shark Tank” had to settle for being a multi-millionaire.

That’s why he enjoyed walking on stage to a rock star’s welcome, said the entrepreneur, best-selling author and Emmy winner, who revealed awardees have to pay for their own statues. Instead of crooning to groupies, he imparted marketing wisdom to the crowd of data professionals at the conference dubbed “Breaking BIG.”

Tech is turning over every three years, and the risk of getting big instead of being small and hungry is being happy with the status quo.

“Every day, somebody wakes up with the sole intention of kicking your ass,” he cautioned the crowd, citing a quote from Mark Cuban.

Some of the best advice Herjavec can give is:

  • The companies that will survive are the ones that make the best use of data in order to provide value to their customers;
  • Innovation and design guarantee survival, not having a “good” product;
  • Go beyond asking friends and family for product reviews. The biggest mistake he sees on his show is, “People never ask a paying customer”;
  • “There is no fix for boring,” he said. So don’t be boring;
  • Businesspeople will bear more rejection than success. “It’s easy to be happy when the sun is shining”; and
  • This is the best time to start a business, but it’s also the most competitive.

Do marketers think Herjavec is a marketing rock star?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.