Merchant’s Tire Email: 1 Offer, Many Subject Lines

A clever subject line, like the one in this email, can get your prospect to open it and see what’s inside.

Mailer Name: Merchant’s Tire & Auto Centers
Date Mailed: March 17, 2016

merchanttopemMerchant’s Tire, part of the TBC Retail Group, operates over 100 tire and car service centers. This email, sent on St. Patrick’s Day, bears the subject line: “Lucky You! Buy 2 Tires, Get 2 FREE”. It was the first of several email efforts over the following months that centered on the same basic offer.

In big type, the top block shows 4 new tires and the headline: “BUY 2 GET 2 FREE.”

Other subject lines used with this offer include:

  • “Sweet Spring Savings | Buy 2 Tires, Get 2 Free”
  • “Weekend-Ready Ways to Save: B2G2 + More!”
  • “Start Memorial Day Early: Buy 2, Get 2 FREE!”
  • “B2G2 – A Tire Sale Worth Celebrating!”

The copy, as well as the terms and conditions at the bottom, note that the offer applies to “select” tires. Despite that caution, the logos of several brands may entice customers. Responding to a call to action with a tap or click on the corner of the block allows them to start shopping.

merchantnextemOther auto service offers follow in this email. One provides a substantial $100 discount on a tire set purchase. Buying and installing new brake pads results in another discount.  And, a driver can also schedule an oil change, also for a special price.

The Takeaway
Keep the body of your email as simple as possible to follow, and convert. Leave details for the mouse type, or the website.

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