Millennials Are Direct

gen yMillennials are clear about what they want and even more clear about what they don’t want, marketers are finding. The generation says it doesn’t want to see ads, but members of it will respond directly to useful marketing. This finding made its way to readers of the Sunday edition of the New York Times in “Brands Woo Millennials With a Wink, an Emoji or Whatever It Takes.”

“These young adults watch less traditional television and do not have a reputation for reading print newspapers or magazines,” writes Sydney Ember. “They skip online commercials and block ads on their Web browsers and phones. No wonder marketers feel as if they are starting over.”

[Editor’s note: The comment about print may not be correct. Other research finds Millennials do value print, as well.]

Here’s what the article suggest marketers do to reach Millennials:

1. Apps May Be a Brand’s Best Friend. Citing comScore, the article says Millennials spend 41 percent of their media time on phones and 91 hours a month in apps, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. “Brands like Taco Bell and The North Face have tried to use apps to reach more mobile users.,” writes Ember “Under Armour, which is making a big push to appeal to a broader audience, has bought several fitness-tracking apps.”

2. Add Value, Don’t Just Try to Sell to Them. The author cites the Cassandra Report, which says 73 percent of this generation believes it’s important that a brand is not just trying to sell to them.

3. Cross-promote Events on Social Media. Ember says Vitaminwater promotes its music festival with the hashtag #uncapped.

4. Consider Simplifying. While the article author stressed how much Millennials like emojis, there’s a more practical purpose to creating visual conversion options. Written answers are more awkward and time-consuming for consumers, while texting or tweeting a pizza emoji to Domino’s is a much faster way to order a pie.

What else are marketers learning about Millennials?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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