Minions, Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?

Minions look a bit like bananas themselves, so pairing the yellow animated characters from the Universal Studios movie with the highly recognizable Chiquita brand only makes sense. Then pairing the Chiquita stickers on bananas with mobile image recognition to gain sweepstakes opt-ins from consumers, ideally mothers of young children who are ripe for attending “Minions” in theaters while feeding their children the fruit, makes even more sense.

So, on Aug. 25, when mobile shop and sweepstakes creator FunMobility told Target Marketing the results of the campaign, it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear them describe it as a hit.

Using perhaps unfortunate wording, though, the popular banana brand itself described the campaign as a “smash success.”

Challenge: Gain customer data.

Solution: Launch a mobile sweepstakes.


  • 11.5% of the unique audience subscribes to Chiquita’s email
  • 75% of traffic and on-site activity comes from target audience (moms with young children)
  • 8% YOY banana sale rise

Ten weeks after the June 8 sweepstakes launch — which prompted consumers to scan Chiquita stickers to find out if they won prizes, including a trip to London — 11.5 percent of players subscribed to Chiquita’s interactive e-newsletter. One in five opted in to receive Chiquita’s content, with the average visitor session lasting 4 minutes, 52 seconds. What’s more, Chiquita says participating retailers saw an 8 percent sales lift for the yellow produce vs. the same time period last year.

“Our goal with this campaign was to totally redefine and expand our relationship with shoppers on mobile,” says Rob Adams, Chiquita’s director of marketing and channel sales.

Once on the site, those visitors used the “Minion Sticker Scanner,” “Banana Shot Arcade” and “Minion Matcher.”

The results show those options were popular. Plus, even after the campaign ended on Aug. 15, the contest site was still live and saw only a 20 percent drop-off in activity. New users are signing up every day, they say.

Minion Banana“As for what we learned about that audience,” Adams says, “it’s pretty comprehensive. In addition to the information people provided on sign-up (name, email, age), FunMobility used event tracking and location data to map activities on both a unique and aggregate level. Then we layered that data on top of Google Analytics data.

“We wound up with a massive number of actionable insights into who our audience was, how they engaged with the different aspects of the campaign, and which geographic markets and retail partners saw the most action,” he continues.

Chiquita took seriously the results from a contest with on-site answers like this — “Hold the banana so that there is good lighting without dark shadows or bright highlight” — to frequently asked questions.

“We were also able to attribute advertising spend to activity on a source-by-source level,” Adams says, “across paid media, in-store media, social/earned media and owned/organic media. It’s really eye-opening to compare the behavior profile of someone who came in from a display ad to the profile of someone whose friend recommended the site on Facebook. The difference in performance is night and day.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.