‘Mobile First’ Gains Urgency


Desktop computers haven’t yet gone the way of the dinosaur, so the trend in mobile search isn’t yet taking the lead in dictating algorithms. But mobile search is a whole different beast and recent research might make marketers want to learn more about the “mobile-first” approach to search.

Consumers are largely skipping Web-based search and going directly to apps, spending 80 percent of their time there, according to the “Flurry Five-Year Report: It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It,” which was posted in April on The Flurry Blog.

Taking a more anecdotal approach, The New York Times elaborates on that concept. “On smartphones, people skip Google and go directly to apps, like Kayak or Weather Underground,” reads the article “As Web Search Goes Mobile, Competitors Chip at Google’s Lead.” “Other apps send people information, like traffic or flight delays, before they even ask for it.”

Here’s what marketers can do about it:

1. Yes, marketers interested in consumers finding them through local search on mobile devices do need to concern themselves with more than Google. But they definitely do still need to pay homage to the search giant, predict even those noting encroachment on Goliath’s stomping grounds. “Will Mobile Apps Be Google’s Undoing? (Hint: No),” writes Search Engine Land.

It’s an awfully quick lexical turnaround for it to be trite, but calling anything a “Google killer” is now cliché.

2. Flurry predicts “websites will look and behave more like apps. Websites will be optimized for user experience first and search engine optimization second.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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