MySpace Launches Open Platform Framework

Yesterday MySpace introduced MySpace Open Platform, which includes MySpace Application Platform, MySpaceID (formerly Data Availability), and Post-To MySpace. Two new partners for MySpace ID were also annoucned, including Vodafone and widget platform provider Netvibes, and ups the partner list (that already includes AOL, Flock, Eventful, Flixster and Yoono, among others). MySpace ID lets users control their personal and mobile identity whenever they navigate online, including connecting profile data to partner sites, finding friends on partne sites, registering on partner sites, publishing activities from partner sites, and syndicating activities to partner sites. MySpace also announced support for Google Friend Connect as part of MySpace ID. The Vodafone relationship includes the ability for mobile customers to link their MySpace account for a number of activities that originate on the mobile device (linking to their account, sharing their details, interests, content and connecting with friends).