North America Email Trend Results: Key Metrics Remain Strong

Email volumes are down this year compared to the same period last year, however, it’s anticipated those volumes will increase as we head into the holiday season, according to a new study from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Epsilon.

The Q2 2011 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks Results consisted of 7.7 billion emails sent by nearly 130 of Epsilon’s DREAM and DREAMmail participating clients across many different industries from April through June.

Some the report’s highlights include the following:

  • average email volume sent per client increased 16.2 percent from the first quarter of 2011, but decreased 14.3 percent when compared to the second quarter of last year;
  • open rates decreased 4.8 percent from the first quarter of the year, but increased 0.4 percent from the second quarter of 2010;
  • clickthrough rates decreased 0.7 percent from the first quarter of 2011, but are directly in line with the same time last year;
  • unique click-to-conversion rates increased 14.6 percent over this year’s first quarter and 6.2 percent compared to the second quarter of 2010; and
  • the nonbounce rate remained fairly stable, decreasing 0.3 percent.

“While email volumes are down compared to the same period last year, they grew over the previous quarter and we anticipate high volumes as we head into the holiday season,” said Judy Loschen, vice president of digital analytics at Epsilon, in a press release from the DMA. “This represents an ongoing challenge for email marketers across all industries. There’s great competition happening in consumer inboxes as marketers vie for attention. Email is an engagement tool, and to leverage the channel to its full potential marketers should take advantage of rich data and incorporate online and offline consumer insight to better target and personalize messages. They should also focus on integrating other channels and being strategic about the ways in which they utilize each channel.”

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