Often, Even Email Needs Validation

The Truths and Myths of Email DeliverabilityFor its 2015 New Year’s resolution, Comindware vowed to improve its lead conversions and reduce its email bounce rate. Unlike most “resolutioners,” though, the enterprise software company saw results — 23 percent more lead conversions and 3 to 6 percent fewer bounces.

What the business with a U.S. office in Stoneham, Mass., did differently from other wish-list writers was to enlist help. Comindware hired its Newton, Mass., neighbor FreshAddress. The email marketing software and services vendor verified email addresses prospects themselves were getting wrong as they typed them into a form on the website.

Challenge: Improve lead conversions, reduce email bounce rate

Solution: FreshAddress SafeToSend email hygiene


  • 23% rise in lead conversions
  • Less than 1% email bounce rate

“It was actually through the use of FreshAddress that our bounce rate decreased … to 1 percent,” says Artem Kulik, Comindware’s marketing manager responsible for lead conversion and data transparency. “Also, obviously the list itself shrank substantially. If we’re talking about the email list that we had originally … it shrank … maybe 10 percent or maybe a little less … Not important. What we did was, we integrated FreshAddress with our website forms. This way, we were able to fill our emailing list with only valid emails.”

So the forms that had been accepting some bad email addresses from June 2014 to January 2015 got replaced in New Year 2015. The new forms from FreshAddress validated email addresses and as a result, Comindware didn’t have to use a confirmation email to keep its bounce rate as low as it could, then at 4 to 7 percent.

So the company eliminated the extra email message customers had been receiving. That helped up the lead conversions over the previous six months by 23 percent as of June 2015, Kulik says. On top of that, Comindware’s email bounce rate dropped to less than 1 percent.

He’s glad the company can rely on the quality of its emails now because, at the end of May, it will be even more important
that a much smaller number of email addresses are accurate. That’s when the software provider is launching its most
enterprise-targeted product — the Comindware Business Application Platform.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.