OnDeck’s Direct Mail Simplifies B-to-B Funding

Direct mail that promotes business lending can often be rather dense to read, but not in this case.

Mailer Name: OnDeck
Date Mailed: November 2014

OnDeck_01This small business lender is not a bank, and maybe that accounts for how it appeals to prospects. The outer envelope asks a question that poses a question that focuses squarely on their needs: “[Company Name] – What would you do with $5,000-$25,000 for your business?” It also shows a mock check personalized with the company’s name to create a visual association with the offer.

The letter runs on just one page, with short, single-sentence paragraphs that focus on benefits with bolded copy. On the reverse side, a full page is devoted to FAQs.

OnDeck_02A helpful insert demonstrates the ease of applying for business financing. Using a horizontal orientation, it lays out four steps.

To build social proof, this direct mail package leverages endorsements from several sources. First, it highlights its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in several locations, including the front of the envelope and the buck slip. Second, it includes several testimonials with names, locations, quotes and photos of business owners .

To download a free PDF of the entire direct mail package, courtesy of Who’s Mailing What!, please click here.

The Takeaway
Making a mysterious process easier to understand can go a long way in building trust.

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