Opt in to a New Mobile Messaging Mind-Set

Already under pressure to produce more sales, leads, revenues, prospects and customers, some of today’s marketers also find themselves concerned about missteps in the mobile marketing environment.

One of their worrisome issues is addressed in a new infographic (and accompanying whitepaper) from mobile marketing automation platform OtherLevels. The infographic reassures marketers about mobile messaging strategies and mind-sets that keep consumers engaged, active, spending and loyal. The OtherLevels team created the talking points, in fact, specifically for marketers who indicated they’ve scaled back or questioned the value of push notifications out of a fear that some consumers would choose to opt out.

The message is clear: it’s time to reframe marketers’ thinking about opt-in and opt-out behaviors. That means focusing instead on targeting top-tier, already opted-in customers because of their inherent value to the brand and franchise. They’re already engaged. They’ve agreed to receive notifications and messages. They’ve raised a hand in interest, and because they’re on board, they’re of far more value to a brand than consumers who haven’t yet opted in or who might not opt in if given the opportunity.

Those opted-in consumers, in fact, represent the top 20 percent to 25 percent of what OtherLevels calls the “pyramid of opportunity” for mobile messaging, and they’re far more valuable as potential revenue generators than the 75 percent of consumers who aren’t yet engaged or opted-in.

Marketers are reminded to make push notifications and mobile messages personal, a feat made possible by rich data from the mobile environment around customers’ preferences, interests, app activity, frequency and recency of interaction, loyalty status, and other metrics.

They’re also encouraged to deploy messaging formats beyond push notifications, including peer-to-peer messages, in-app alerts, pop-ups, incentives, status updates, email reminders and invitations to opt back in.

The advice and strategies are particularly relevant as marketing’s focus turns yet again to another approaching holiday season, filled with consumers who are bound to rely even more heavily on their smartphones, tablets and perhaps wearable watches to search, compare, shop and buy.

Messages that reach consumers at the mobile moment of opportunity the right message in the right channel to the right person at the right time are bound to have more of an impact than a mass-market message blanketed to an entire population.

Ramsey Masri is the chief executive officer of OtherLevels.