P.C. Richard’s Mail Shows a Better TV Experience

Innovations in electronics are always being introduced, like in this direct mail effort from the 2015 holiday season, which uses black as well as full-color to make its point.

Mailer Name: P.C. Richard & Son
Date Mailed: December 2015

PC Richard_03An OLED TV screen uses a new display technology that delivers what some critics consider a superior viewing experience compared to plasma or LCD.

The front panel of this folded self-mailer puts it like this: “Not a New TV. A New Category of Television.” The simulated LG OLED 4K screen shows a swarm of jellyfish in beautiful, high-definition color.  And the background color of both the screen and the panel is a deep black.

PC Richard_02The first inside left panel asks: “What Makes OLED Better?” It lists several features, such as “INTENSE COLOR” and “WIDE VIEWING ANGLE.” Each one is paired with a description of how it benefits the consumer. For example, for “DESIGN,” the benefit is: “It’s supremely elegant, and as lovely on a tabletop as it is wall-mounted.”

When fully opened to four panels, the mail piece shows several configurations of the 4K TVs, with pricing for each. Running across the bottom of the spread is a promotion for 0 percent interest financing for 48 months. The customer can also get “free white glove delivery & installation.”

The Takeaway
When selling an improved product or service, show as well as describe how it differs from what came before.

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