P&G Slashes Wasteful Display Ad Budgets Using Eye-Tracking

CPG titan enhances ROI in Europe by up to 25%

Procter & Gamble and eye-tracking firm Sticky (formerly EyeTrackShop) have announced a European-based partnership that will likely expand to other global regions. P&G's Nordic division has evidently been saving substantial cash on display campaigns due to cancelling buys for ads that aren't seen, while trialing Sticky's eye-tracking panel. 

"Applying Sticky's tracking to our digital media campaigns will help us to optimize and increase our ROI on digital marketing investments in some campaigns up to 25 percent," Krister Karjalainen, head of digital for P&G Nordic, said in a statement.

Sticky's panel consists of 14 million compensated participants worldwide, utilizing webcams to record their eye movements from digital page to digital page. While eye-tracking has been used by online marketers for several years, Jeff Bander, Sticky president, said his webcams offer a higher level of precision when compared to past systems, while adding that employing his consumer panel comes at unusually low cost.

P&G marketers will employ his dashboard in order to attempt to limit ad spend on digital promos that aren't typically seen, Bander said. "We'll look at the top 200 sites and see how premium ad units with high CPMs are performing," he explained. "It will inform creative and what sites are best."

Bander said he is talking with P&G about expanding the relationship to other continents. Meanwhile, his firm seems to be on a roll, raising $3 million in funding last month.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.