Pixar’s Ralph Eggleston Designs Telluride Film Fest Poster

While all the talk about film festivals are usually the films themselves, for this very brief moment in time, there’s been buzz about the festival poster instead. The Telluride Film Festival has just released a copy of their annual promotional print, which usually always get some minor attention as the event tries to nab interesting designers or artists each year to do the job — last year was William Wegman (.doc) and the year before that was Laurie Anderson (pdf). For the 2010 fest, they’ve landed Pixar‘s Ralph Eggleston, the art director and production designer who has been involved in the studio’s popular films since Toy Story (as well as directing their Oscar-winning short, For the Birds. Eggleston told the LA Times that he based the muted-color, retro look on It Happened One Night, and Entertainment Weekly reports that a second poster by the designer will be released closer to the festival’s kick off in September.