Quick Guide: AdWords’ Updates to Conversion Tracking Reporting

Targeted AdvertisingGoogle AdWords’ recent update to conversion tracking reporting boasts better customization options and more control for marketers. But what does this really mean? First, the changes point to a continued transition by AdWords to target more experienced marketers. Second, the updates support the necessity of data analysis and campaign optimization, giving marketers a better look into intricate customer journeys.

The conversion tracking reporting updates may seem minor, but there are a few points you should remember when tracking macro and micro conversions:

  1. The “Conversions for optimization” column will become a “Conversions” column. If you    want to see macro conversion actions here, double check that the optimization setting for those actions is set to “on.” You will not see micro conversions data in this column, as it is reserved exclusively for actions you deem as macro conversions.
  2. The “Estimated total conversions” column will become an “All Conversions” column. This column will show all conversion actions — no matter if they’re set to “on” or “off.” You can go here to view macro and micro conversions data in one place.
  3. The “Estimated cross-device conversions” column will become a “Cross-device conversions” column. You will also see data associated with this column in the “All Conversions” column.

Still have some concerns about the AdWords updates? We can help! Below, we answer a few key questions you may have regarding conversion tracking reporting:

How Do You Define Macro Conversions?
Macro conversions are the conversions that most affect your bottom line. They can be different from company to company but generally have a direct impact on earnings. These range from actions that can lead to a sale — such as a lead form submission or a quote request — to an actual sale itself.

How Do You Define Micro Conversions?
Micro conversions are the actions that let your visitors learn more about your company or product. These kinds of conversions don’t have as much of an impact on your bottom line as macro conversions, but they are still important in understanding how your viewers get from their first interaction with the brand to the end-action stage. Micro conversions can range anywhere from newsletter sign-ups to social media interactions. Their ultimate goal is to lead your audience to a macro conversion.

Chris Lucas is the VP of Marketing at Indianapolis, IN-based Formstack, a robust platform that helps users of all industries better engage with their customers and manage data.