5 Keys to Successful E-mail Re-engagement

Disengaged e-mail subscribers are a marketer’s worst enemy. Not only does their presence on your list suppress open, clickthrough and conversion rates, it can increase the cost of mailing your list and even negatively impact your deliverability.

E-mail marketing best practices dictate removing subscribers who haven’t taken action with any of your e-mails in the past three to six months, and moving forward with the ones who are still opening and clicking. But for many marketers, the thought that some of those subscribers might still be interested makes deleting them from the list a gut-wrenching experience.

Do your business, your conscience and your list a favor: Cut disengaged subscribers loose, but only after you try a re-engagement campaign. Here are five keys to successful e-mail subscriber re-engagement:

Rather than seeing this as a loss, recognize it as affirmation that there is no point to keeping these “dead weight” subscribers on your list. Remind yourself that a bloated, unresponsive list is bad for response rates and deliverability. And move forward with the subscribers who still want to hear from you.

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