Red Door Interactive Agency Spotlight

Reid Carr

Target Marketing spoke with Reid Carr, President and CEO of Red Door Interactive, a data-driven marketing agency based in San Diego.

What makes you famous?
We maintain a focus on extracting clarity from complexity. With the rise of digital media and mobile devices, the path to purchase has become infinitely more complicated. Our specialty is leveraging qualitative and quantitative data to identify what platforms, media and messages work best, and eliminating the clutter.

What are the most important trends you see in interactive advertising today?
The rise of mobile has been huge. The impact of consumer mobile habits on the marketing industry goes well beyond just having a third screen on which to advertise. Mobile can bridge the gap between digital and traditional marketing, since consumers frequently use their smartphones to browse/search the Internet while consuming traditional media, like television and radio. This requires marketers to extend their traditional advertising efforts into digital, with consistent messaging and rich, mobile-friendly, experiences.

Even more importantly, mobile can bridge the gap between digital and retail, which is ushering in a new age of omnichannel marketing. Consumers are now using their smartphones in-store, giving marketers the opportunity to provide detailed product information and personalize retail experiences.

ASICS LA Marathon 30th anniversary

What’s been your biggest hit of the past year?
In March, ASICS America tasked us with bringing the 30th anniversary of the ASICS LA Marathon experience to life on social media and increasing awareness of ASICS around the event on a local and national level.
We blended social media content, influencer relations and social advertising with the brand’s existing PR and marketing activations that included lights marking each mile across the marathon course seen for miles. Our converged media (paid/earned/owned content) approach included a VIP experience for influential bloggers, a hosted Twitter chat, a Facebook contest collecting marathoner stories, live posting during the lighting ceremony around #LightsOnLA, and more.

As a result, ASICS LA Marathon was one of the most engaged weekends to-date for ASICS on social media. #LightsOnLA trended as the No. 2 topic on Twitter and garnered 8.8 million impressions across social media channels. Videos produced in real-time on race day generated over 250,000 views and race day content earned nearly 70,000 engagements.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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