Select Comfort Makes Big Offer for a Good Night’s Sleep

As the manufacturer of the Sleep Number bed, Select Comfort is in the business of making sure consumers “Sleep smarter. Sleep better.” Based in Plymouth, Minn., the bed and bedding accessories company prides itself on its SleepIQ technology, including an app that allows customers to record and track sleep data.

Select Comfort Sleep Number Self-Mailer frontSaving Money Is Smart

Sleep Number by Select Comfort doesn’t mess around with this self-mailer. The front cover makes a strong offer of $500 off the Queen Classic Special Edition Mattress, and the use of sky blue and cherry red help make this offer pop in the mailbox.

Sleep Gets Technical

Within the mail piece, a quick rundown is provided about how the SleepIQ technology tracks the customer’s sleep each night by using sensors within the bed that are then communicating with the app. Copy also reveals the benefit that Sleep Number owners can connect it with their other favorite health and wellness apps.

Select Comfort Sleep Number Self-Mailer spreadLooks So Comfy

Throughout the self-mailer, Select Comfort showcases its Sleep Number products front and center. Of the five spreads, only one features two products, and in that case, each product is kept to its own page. This design decision keeps the look clean, uncomplicated and makes for easier browsing of the mailpiece.

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