Senior Direct Mail from Kendal-Crosslands Talks Finances

A retirement community reaches out to seniors with a direct mail campaign that broaches a difficult subject.

Mailer Name: Kendal-Crosslands Communities
Date Mailed: February 2017

Kendal-Crosslands mailKendal-Crosslands Communities started over 40 years ago in Kennett Square, Pennsylvnia. It was the first of what are now several communities that server older Americans in the Quaker tradition in eight states.

In their marketing, many senior living options emphasize the amenities and activities there that help them maximize independence. Showcasing golf, fitness and discussion classes, as well as dining and even parties is common. Others focus on how the facilities present there have medical and assisted living care available for residents who need it.

Financing is a touchy subject, for many. But Kendal-Crosslands meets this concern head-on by promoting a “Financial Value Showcase” that tries to head off any fears a prospective resident may have about cost.

Its tri-fold self-mailer first gets attention by inviting the senior to “Discover the financial stability of Kendal-Crosslands Communities.” It’s natural to worry about what happens if a community runs into financial problems. Maybe maintenance suffers. Or perhaps the quality of care starts declining as the community owner struggles to pay the bills.

The inside panel states that the community was “founded on Values,” and has not been sold or acquired. One of the speakers at the promoted event is its director of finance, “who will share important information about the financial strength of Kendal-Crosslands.”

Kendal-Crosslands direct mailAnd they receive a financial worksheet as well. With it, they can compare their current expenses with the options available to them from Kendal-Crosslands. If they are interested in all that the community has to offer, they can then proceed with a full financial review to determine their next steps.

The Takeaway
Transparency and accountability go a long way in establishing trust with prospects.

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