Social Games Aren’t All About Great Gameplay

Back at the turn of the century, when just the idea of 3D games was still pretty awesome, something more fundamental was occurring. Still reeling from the dark years of CD-ROM “multimedia” before the internet took hold, the entertainment market had been flooded by scores of crappy knock-offs, badly used licenses, and endless desperate attempts to discover the next new magical “mascot” that would replace Mario and Sonic in gamers’ hearts. From out of that wasteland a cry arose from developers that quickly turned into a mighty roar: GAMEPLAY FIRST. No amount of flashy graphics or technological marvels could replace the need for a solid dynamic as the core experience. And over the last ten years we’ve followed that creed while making incredible leaps and bounds in realism and technology. It’s helped the market grow, and created a generation of gamers and developers who have a far better understanding of what a good game is.