Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing: How to Get Shared More Frequently

SocialchoicesContent marketing and social media marketing are two actively growing sectors of the marketing industry. Content marketing is a quintessential part of nearly every marketing initiative, from messaging and keywords on a website, to the word choice and language used in a blog post. Similarly, social media’s importance to marketing is also unquestionable, as it connects brands with their users in a method that is more personal than most other marketing initiatives. Any business plan, regardless of industry, will not be complete or nearly as successful as it can be, without the presence of these two channels.

Every marketer knows that content needs to be shareable in order for it to reach the most users, foster high conversions and ultimately generate conversions. To produce content that is frequently shared, consider the following tips throughout your creation process:

Imagery Is Important
Using visuals to support written content is a highly effective method to foster engagement and encourage social sharing. High-quality images that are reflective of a company’s products or services can convey messages on their own. You don’t always need a ton of written copy to get a message across.

Throughout any blog post, there should be a blend of written content and imagery. Users will be far more apt to actually read it because it doesn’t seem overwhelming and appears to be easy to digest. Additionally, with the growing amount of users on mobile devices, too much written content is difficult to decipher on a small screen. Use visuals and screenshots to show examples of what you’re explaining and you’ll be providing a much better user experience.

If your company has design resources and can aggregate data related to your industry, creating infographics is a great way to promote your brand and provide value to your customers. This type of content consistently does well as far as shares and engagement on social platforms. Infographics present data in a way that is cohesive and visually engaging, making it much more likely for your visitors to actually absorb the information. In order for content to get shared, it has to get read.

Gabriel Shaoolian is the CEO and founder of New York-based Blue Fountain Media, a digital agency focused on generating qualified leads, increasing sales and expanding brand recognition for clients online.