Airing Email Marketing’s Dirty Laundry [Video]

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How are marketers “Overcoming Current Challenges in Email Marketing”? Tink Taylor may know and this video reveals his insight. Taylor, founder and COO of dotmailer, sat down to discuss that and more with MarketingSherpa reporter Courtney Eckerle. Some highlights:

  • His clients struggle with putting together all of the best practices they’ve heard that they should be employing. “There’s just a lot more work to do,” he says. “And if the tools aren’t efficient enough, then it does take forever to put that together. Or, you’ve got to employ a lot of people in-house, or engage services with someone else, which actually then you get into budget restrictions.”
  • A tip: Beware of marketing vendors “promising the Earth.” Taylor advises: “Benchmark certain activities … and actually get hands-on with the tools in the purchasing process, because you have now got so much more work to do.” So see if the tools work for you before buying them, he says.

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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