Streamline Concert, Event Check-in

FSnews_071513_mobile_imageEveryone’s favorite part of going to a highly anticipated concert or event is obviously waiting in line to get in! Just kidding, it’s the worst. Yet, just because check-in is a compulsory part of going to an event doesn’t mean it can’t also be a smooth-sailing, enjoyable experience.

Marketers care about event check-ins because the customer data captured allows them to continue marketing efforts, including loyalty programs, promotions and more.

How you choose to process admission largely depends on the number of attendees you have coming to your event. If it’s just a small amount of people — say, less than 30 — check-in might be as simple as grabbing a pen and a clipboard to confirm names and arrivals on your list.

If your event is of a sizable nature, then there are some handy-dandy shortcuts you can take to ensure that the entry process is clear for everyone involved. Here’s how:

Seize the moment and engage with attendees. It’s not often you’ve got so many of your customers right in front of you! Put forth some effort to collect feedback for future event check-in exchanges and get them hyped for your event. This can include one quick question as they walk by or even a question asked on a registration form before they even arrive. Whatever it is, keep listening to customer feedback.

Tim Raybould is the CEO at Ticketleap. Reach him at

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