3 Ways to Strengthen the Web-to-Direct Mail Connection

When leading direct mail copywriters and direct marketers are asked if websites and landing pages need to be better synced with direct mail campaigns than ever before, the answer is an emphatic, “Yes.”

“Not properly syncing the landing page with the direct mail piece or email that brought the prospect there is the No. 1 destroyer of conversion rate,” states Bob Bly, copywriter and author. Meanwhile, there’s no doubt that synergy among media messages makes the campaign stronger.

Here’s how to ensure that connection:

With the use of personalized URLS, and proprietary eTrigger tools, copywriter Ruth Sheldon notes that marketers can help companies alert prospects to the same-day arrival of mail.

In working with a magazine publisher, Sheldon describes a direct mail letter that contains a personalized URL. “Most prospects find it hard to resist,” she admits. “Imagine ignoring an address like: http:// Prospect’sFirstNameLastName.freemagazine.com no matter how jaded your prospect is.”

This particular personalized URL site can collect real-time information, including an email address so that further valuable communication can take place online with potential subscribers.

Of course, the data from these personalized URLs is useful beyond acquiring and renewing subscribers. Sheldon says it can help generate more ad revenue for publishers (which sorely need it!) by offering advertisers the names of opt-in subscribers. “It can be a win/win for the advertiser (with names of prospects who want to hear from them), publishers (who can now offer advertisers added value) and for subscribers (who want more personalized offerings and free merchandise),” she describes.