Successories Offers Proof With the Promo in Its Email

Overcoming a prospect’s skepticism is a difficult task, but as this email proves, it can be done, with some outside help.

Mailer Name: Successories
Date Emailed: April 13, 2016

SuccessorTopEMThere’s an entire industry devoted to motivating employees to reach their full potential, but there’s no more visible product than framed, captioned wall art. For years, photos bearing inspirational messages have been among the top sellers for this market leader.

As this email’s subject line puts it, “A picture says 1000 words.” The top of the email’s HTML continues the thought, “but our motivational wall décor says so much more!” The image below shows some kind of office setting, with a table and two chairs. On the wall above them are posters for “STRENGTH” and “SERVICE.”

Further blocks show additional artwork with various messages, the numbers of titles available, and even a bit of pricing. With all of these options, some hesitation may begin to creep into the customer’s mind. It’s here that the email asks a big question: “But do they really work?”

SuccessNextEMA separate block displays a report and puts forward a quick reply: “Short Answer: Yes.”

It claims that these wall products raise productivity by 33%. That’s where the report comes in. Referencing two business magazines, it offers proof via a download right from the email.

The Takeaway
Back up your claims with studies, white papers, testimonials – preferably from a third party – to add credibility.

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