The 2 Worst Mistakes Marketers Make

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers and business owners making is that they do not devote the time needed to know their audience. The savvy marketer will avoid this mistake by doing the necessary marketing research to understand the demographics and psychographics of their target market. They’ll take the time to do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and produce a marketing plan instead of attempting every possible tactic out there to see what sticks.

Understanding your audience means knowing what marketing formats and technologies to use based on the needs and wants of that demographic. It means choosing the right channels to deliver your marketing messages. Great marketers who are in tune with their audience know which channels to use and which are a waste of resources. Utilizing the latest technology might not be the best way to reach seniors, for example, as they tend to be more responsive to traditional means of communication such as direct mail, television or radio formats.

Sometimes, an organization has a great marketing plan in place. Sometimes the plan is like a well-oiled machine that rarely changes. To that end, the second mistake marketers make is getting too comfortable with what has worked in the past. Great marketers do not go through the motions. Great marketers look for potential opportunities around every corner. They look for chances to innovate and increase results with each new campaign. They aim to build brand awareness through new activities and events, as well as through new technology and ever-changing formats.

No matter what format marketers choose, a skilled approach is required. Inspiring copy and beautiful visuals coupled with innovation are the necessary components of a successful campaign. The future is exciting, and new marketers and creatives should prepare to make a big impact.

Kristi Chester is the marketing manager at MKJ Creative, a print and digital graphic design studio based in Doylestown, Pa. Reach her at