The 5 New Rules of Email Direct Marketing

While social media may be getting a lot of press these days, email marketing is alive and well across a variety of industries as an effective channel for communicating with customers and prospects. However, inboxes are more crowded than ever. Many emails are deleted without being looked at while others never make it past spam filters. If direct marketers want to capture the attention of their audience, they should make sure they know these five new rules of email marketing.

Users are in the habit of accessing email anytime, anywhere—from home, at work and on the road—and from a variety of devices—desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Plus there are dozens of email programs in use, from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail, Yahoo and others.

You must optimize your emails for reading in different programs. A good practice is to have a link at the top of your emails allowing users to access a web version in case the content does not render well in the program they’re using. You may also want to consider optimizing email for viewing on small screen devices as well as for larger screens.

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