So You Think You Can Write? 10 Content Marketing Tips

PPC Ad CopyThe world is flat. Everyone can write, everyone can make movies, and everyone can market goods and services, right? Definitely maybe. This post takes a look at “10 Tips for Effective #SEO Copywriting,” as advised by Matt Secrist on Tuesday in Search Engine Journal.

First, marketers need to understand that content marketing is the marriage of SEO and copywriting, says Secrist, VP of business development and co-founder of BKA Content, a content creation services company.

“Thanks to some much-needed maturity on the part of Google,” he opines, “the way to please a search engine is by giving people the information they need. Imagine that.”

Here’s how Secrist says content marketers can give consumers information they need to make purchases:

  • Google is paying attention to social cues. “Putting a social icon on your page is necessary, but adding a call to action with it (‘Join the discussion on Twitter’) is even better,” Secrist says.

Do marketers agree with these tips? What others would they add?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.