Thumbs Rule Marketing, Says Facebook

Fat thumbMarketers may soon be taking orders from one master — the thumb. Mobile is already involved in the majority of shopping decisions and within five to 10 years, all shopping will occur on mobile devices, says research released last week by Facebook IQ.

“The Thumb Is in Charge” says 73 percent of consumers always have their devices with them. Smartphones help consumers research products and services, compare prices, check inventory and find other information, even in-store. But many shoppers are moving beyond just these uses.

Facebook IQ research

“There are many factors driving people to buy products on mobile devices,” says the Facebook IQ “People Insights” blog post on Oct. 26. “Chief among them, convenience and mobility: 56 percent of omnichannel shoppers said that they made a purchase on a mobile device because it was conveniently in their hand already and 55 percent said because they can do it ‘anywhere, anytime.’ Looking ahead, 60 percent of omnichannel shoppers say they’ll either start purchasing or purchase more on their smartphones in 2016.”

Here’s what else Facebook IQ and other marketing thought leaders had to say about mobile shopping:

  • Facebook IQ research

    “Test strategies like exclusive deals, personalized notifications and machine learning to increase transactions and basket size over time,” the Facebook IQ research reads.

How are marketers mastering the thumb?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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