Throwback Thursday Email: Rachel Zoe Curates for Piperlime

When shoppers face countless product choices, sometimes a celebrity’s expertise, as shown in this email, provides the help they need to make a purchase.

Mailer Name: Piperlime
Date Emailed: July 16, 2009

PiperlimeEMRachel Zoe advanced from fashion assistant to Hollywood’s much sought-after stylist with book deals, fashion lines, and her own Bravo TV show.  It’s her reputation as a tastemaker that Gap sought to leverage when it made her the ambassador for its Piperlime brand.

The subject line uses her name to get the reader’s attention: “Rachel Zoe’s picks + Today! 20% off sneakers.”  Inside, the top panel highlights her shoe selection as a “Guest editor exclusive.” It shows a large image of the shoe, but no pricing or sizing.

Instead, the reader gets her recommendations on what she can wear with the shoes: “I love that they’re two-tone. They’re amazing with a mini skirt or jeans.” The customer can also follow the links to see what’s in the rest of her curated collection.

PiperlimeNextThe next two blocks of the email adopt a more conversational style. One promotes a “surprise” sale on shoes: “Because, hey, everyone needs a little pick-me-up sometimes.” The other asks the customer to check and adjust their email preferences, “so we can send all the good stuff straight to your inbox.”

Note: In January 2015, Piperlime was shut down by Gap so that the company could concentrate on its core brands.

The Takeaway
Celebrity endorsements can build trust in your brand, but make the experience more authentic by using their voice.