TNA Wrestling’s Dan Stevenson on How the Entertainment Empire Mixes Brand and Direct

Consumers seeking meek and mild entertainment probably won’t be tuning in to Thursday night’s TNA “iMPACT!” or opting in to receive direct marketing messages from representatives of the show’s professional wrestlers. But fans of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling are a wilder lot, and they’ve been responding positively to the entertainment empire that knows them so well.

In fact, Nashville, Tenn.-based TNA Wrestling has been shifting more of its advertising spend toward direct marketing. Part of the reason is the valuable insight the company gets from its fans—such as feedback and survey results that show aficionados want to see TNA’s wrestlers grapple on Thursdays instead of Mondays, says Dan Stevenson, TNA Wrestling’s marketing director. (The change in schedule became official last week.) Another reason is costly live events are becoming more profitable.

Here, Stevenson explains why.

… We’re really starting to understand Facebook and Twitter as outlets to our fans and direct communication to our fans. We’ve done a switch in strategy, where before we were handling everything through our e-mail and text blasts. And we still continue to do that, and that was part of the reason why we [hired Knotice]. Because we were able to bring our e-mail database, our text database and some online stuff that we’ve done all together under one roof and send one message that we can control. …

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.