Top 10 Direct and Digital Marketing Jobs In Demand for 2013

In Winterberry Group’s “Global Outlook 2013” report, released in October, digital was forecast to capture almost all new marketing spend in 2013. That’s good news for those with digital marketing know-how, especially in fast growing areas like mobile, social media, display advertising and email, so it’s no surprise that these specialties have been moving up the charts. As I look into my crystal ball, and analyse the results of the latest Bernhart Associates Hiring Survey, here’s my list of the top 10 direct and digital marketing positions that I think will be in greatest need in 2013:

There’s an old adage in direct marketing: The key elements that will determine the success or failure of your direct mail campaign are the list, the offer and the creative. Digital marketing hasn’t been around long enough to have its own old adage, but if it had one, creative would probably be in it. Behind every great digital and direct marketing campaign are the inspired and inventive minds that created it. Some believe that the golden age of direct marketing creative is past, but if you ask me, creative is now as fresh and as unabashed as ever.

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